BIOLOGY:CONCEPTS+APPL.(LOOSELEAF) - 10th Edition - by STARR - ISBN 9781305967359
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10th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781305967359


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Authors Cecie Starr, Christine A. Evers, and Lisa Starr partnered with the National Geographic Society to develop this Tenth Edition of BIOLOGY: CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS. Renowned for its clear writing style and unparalleled visuals, this trendsetting book applies exclusive National Geographic content to engage students and emphasize that biology is an ongoing endeavor carried out by a diverse community of scientists. Each chapter explores core concepts aligned with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) initiative "Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education" to help students master associated learning objectives. By continuously challenging students to question what they read and to apply the concepts they learn, Starr and the accompanying MindTap hone critical thinking skills as students gain scientific literacy.

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Gene expression does not vary by ________. a. cell type c. stage of development b. extracellular...Mitosis and cytoplasmic division are the basis of ________ a. asexual reproduction of single-celled...One evolutionary advantage of sexual over asexual reproduction may be that it produces ________ . a....A heterozygous individual has _______ for a trait being studied. a. the same allele on both...Constructing a family pedigree is particularly useful when studying inheritance patterns in...________ cuts DNA molecules at specific sites. a. DNA polymerase c. Restriction enzymes b. DNA...The number of species on an island usually depends on the size of the island and its distance from a..._________is the original source of new alleles. a. Mutation c. Gene flow b. Natural selection d....An abundance of___________ in Earths early atmosphere would have prevented the spontaneous assembly...________ can have a genome of either RNA or DNA. a. Bacteria b. Eukaryotes c. Viruses d. ArchaeaAll protists _______. a. lack mitochondria c. live as single cells b. are aquatic d. have a nucleusThe first plants were_________. a. ferns c. bryophytes b. flowering plants d. conifersAll fungi are _________. a. are multicelled c. are hetrotrophs b. form flagellated spores d. all of...An ______ develops from a two-layer embryo. a. sea star c. butterfly b. sea anemone d. earthwormAll chordates have a _______ as embryos. a. backbone b. jaws c. notochord d. kidneysIn plants, fibers are a type of _____ cell. a. parenchyma c. collenchyma b. sclerenchyma d....The main sources of hydrogen and oxygen for plants is are _______. a. soil and air c. water and...An animal pollinator may be rewarded by _______ when it visits a flower of a coevolved plant choose..._______ tissues are sheetlike with one free surface. a. Epithelial b. Connective c. Nervous d....______ relay messages from the brain and spinal cord to muscles and glands. a. Motor neurons c....The pain of a stomachache is an example of a _______. a. somatic sensation c. sensory adaptation b....The ________ hormones enter cells and function a transcription factors. a. steroid b. protein c....A hydrostatic skeleton consists of _______. a. a fluid-filled chamber or chamber b. hardened plates...All vertebrates have _______ . a. a closed circulatory system b. a two-chambered heart c. lungs d....________triggers immune responses. a. Cytokines d. Antigens b. Lysozyme e. Histamines c. Antibodies...Respiratory proteins such as hemoglobin ___________. a. contains metal ions b. occurs only in...Flatworms digest food ___________ a. inside their cells c. in a gastrovascular cavity b. in a...Malpighian tubules of ________ eliminate uric acid. a. birds c. insects b. marine fishes d....Most land animals have _______ fertilization. a. internal b. external_______, a hormone that plays a role in vole mating behavior, also affects human social behavior. a....Most commonly, individuals of a natural population show a __________ distribution through their...The type of place where a species typically lives is called its _______. a. niche c. community b....In most ecosystems, producers use energy from _______ to build organic compounds. a. inorganic...The Northern Hemisphere is most tiled toward the sun in a.spring b.summer c. autumn d. winterAn species has population levels so low it is at great risk of extinction in the near future. a....

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