EBK ELECTRICAL WIRING RESIDENTIAL - 19th Edition - by Simmons - ISBN 9781337516549
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19th Edition
ISBN: 9781337516549


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Chapter 10 - Lighting Branch Circuit—bathrooms, HallwayChapter 11 - Lighting Branch Circuit—front Entry, Porch,post Light, Underground WiringChapter 12 - Lighting Branch Circuit And Small-appliance Circuits For The KitchenChapter 13 - Lighting Branch Circuit For The Living RoomChapter 14 - Lighting Branch Circuit For The Study/bedroomChapter 15 - Dryer Outlet, Lighting, And Receptacle Circuits For The Laundry, Powder Room, Rear Entry Hall,and AtticChapter 16 - Branch Circuits For The Garage And OutdoorsChapter 17 - Recreation RoomChapter 18 - Lighting Branch Circuit, Receptacle Circuits For WorkshopChapter 19.1 - Water Pump And Branch CircuitChapter 19.2 - Water Heater Branch CircuitChapter 20.1 - Counter-mounted Cooking Unit CircuitChapter 20.2 - Wall-mounted Oven Circuit And Free-standing RangeChapter 21.1 - Food Waste Disposer CircuitChapter 21.2 - Dishwasher Branch CircuitChapter 22.1 - Bathroom Ceiling Heater CircuitsChapter 22.2 - Attic Exhaust Fan CircuitChapter 22.3 - Hydromassage Bathtub Circuit .Chapter 23.1 - Electric HeatChapter 23.2 - Air ConditioningChapter 24 - Gas And Oil Central Heating SystemsChapter 25.1 - Television CircuitChapter 25.2 - Telephone SystemChapter 25.3 - Signal SystemChapter 26 - Smoke, Heat, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, And Security SystemsChapter 27 - Service-entrance EquipmentChapter 28 - Overcurrent Protection–fuses And Circuit BreakersChapter 29 - Service-entrance CalculationsChapter 30 - Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, And Hydromassage BathsChapter 31 - Wiring For The Future: Home Automation SystemsChapter 32 - Standby Power SystemsChapter 33 - Residential Utility-interactive Photovoltaic Systems

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Featuring the latest industry standards and procedures, longtime market leader ELECTRICAL WIRING RESIDENTIAL, Nineteenth Edition, provides comprehensive, authoritative coverage of the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC), as well as a thorough grounding in

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List the number and types of switches and receptacles used in Circuit A14. Switches:...How many circuit wires enter the entry ceiling box? How many equipment grounding conductors enter...If everything on Circuit B7 were turned on, what would be the total current draw?...To what circuit is the living room connected? _________________________________Based on the total estimated load calculations, what is the current draw on the Study/Bedroom...List the switches, receptacles, and other wiring devices that are connected to Circuit B10....What circuits supply the garage? ____________________ ____________________What is the total current draw when all six fluorescent luminaires are turned on?a. What circuit supplies the workshop lighting? ________________ b. What circuit supplies the...According to NEC 422.47 the high-temperature limit control must disconnect _______________ of the...To what branch circuit is the wall-mounted oven connected? _________________a. To what branch circuit is the dishwasher in this residence connected?________ b. What size wire...Which circuit supplies the hydromassage bathtub? ___________a. When calculating air-conditioner load requirements and electric heating load requirements, is it...The residence in this text is heated with (Circle the correct answer.) a. gas. b. electricity. c....What is a signal circuit? ___________ _______________________________In your own words, explain the terms alarm and detector....Define the Service Point. ______________What is the minimum size service for a one-family dwelling? ____________________According to NEC _______________, the minimum-size service required for a one-family dwelling is...Most of the requirements for the wiring of swimming pools are covered in NEC Article...One type of home automation system is referred to as a. X10. b. X20. c. HAS.The basic safety rule when working with electricity is to ______Article ______________________ of the National Electrical Code contains most of the requirements for...

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