Principles of Information Systems (MindTap Course List) - 13th Edition - by Ralph Stair, George Reynolds - ISBN 9781305971776
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Principles of Information Systems (Mind...
13th Edition
Ralph Stair, George Reynolds
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305971776

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Chapter 2.4 - Careers In Information SystemsChapter 3 - Hardware And Mobile DevicesChapter 3.1 - Anatomy Of A ComputerChapter 3.2 - Computer System TypesChapter 3.3 - Server Farms, Data Centers, And Green ComputingChapter 4 - Software And Mobile ApplicationsChapter 4.1 - An Overview Of SoftwareChapter 4.2 - Systems SoftwareChapter 4.3 - Application SoftwareChapter 4.4 - Software Issues And TrendsChapter 5 - Database Systems And Big DataChapter 5.1 - Data FundamentalsChapter 5.2 - Data Modeling And Database CharacteristicsChapter 5.3 - Relational Database Management Systems (dbmss)Chapter 5.4 - Big DataChapter 5.5 - Technologies Used To Process Big DataChapter 6 - Networks And Cloud ComputingChapter 6.1 - Network FundamentalsChapter 6.2 - The Internet And World Wide WebChapter 6.3 - The Internet Of ThingsChapter 6.4 - Cloud ComputingChapter 7 - Electronic And Mobile CommerceChapter 7.1 - An Introduction To Electronic CommerceChapter 7.2 - Introduction To Mobile CommerceChapter 7.3 - Electronic And Mobile Commerce ApplicationsChapter 7.4 - Strategies For Successful E-commerce And M-commerceChapter 7.5 - Technology Infrastructure Required To Support E-commerce And M-commerceChapter 8 - Enterprise SystemsChapter 8.1 - Transaction Processing SystemsChapter 8.2 - Enterprise SystemsChapter 9 - Business Intelligence And AnalyticsChapter 9.1 - What Are Analytics And Business Intelligence?Chapter 9.2 - Business Intelligence And Analytics ToolsChapter 10 - Knowledge Management And Specialized Information SystemsChapter 10.1 - What Is Knowledge Management?Chapter 10.2 - Overview Of Artificial IntelligenceChapter 10.3 - Multimedia And Virtual RealityChapter 10.4 - Other Specialized SystemsChapter 11 - Strategic Planning And Project ManagementChapter 11.1 - Strategic PlanningChapter 11.2 - Project ManagementChapter 12 - System Acquisition And DevelopmentChapter 12.2 - Waterfall System Development ProcessChapter 12.3 - Agile DevelopmentChapter 12.4 - Buying Off-the-shelf SoftwareChapter 13 - Cybercrime And Information System SecurityChapter 13.1 - The Threat LandscapeChapter 13.2 - Implementing Secure, Private, Reliable ComputingChapter 14 - Ethical, Legal, And Social Issues Of Information SystemsChapter 14.1 - Computer Waste And MistakesChapter 14.2 - Privacy IssuesChapter 14.3 - Work EnvironmentChapter 14.4 - Ethical Issues In Information Systems

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Equip your students with a solid understanding of the core principles of IS and how it is practiced today as PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 13th Edition covers the latest research and developments and their impact on the rapidly changing role of today's IS professional. Expansive coverage addresses analytics, big data, business intelligence, cloud computing, cybercrime, e-commerce, enterprise systems, mobile computing solutions, project management, strategic planning, and systems acquisition and development. Students discover how information systems can increase profits and reduce costs as they explore the latest information on artificial intelligence, change management, consumerization of information systems, data governance, energy and environmental concerns, global IS challenges and solutions, Internet censorship, IS careers, and virtual teams. Powerful new interactive online multimedia resources, including MindTap, strengthen the book's approach.

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