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  • Reflection On African American History

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    introduced to many people, ideas, writings, and discussions that sparked my interest and enlightened me on African American history. However, I feel like this was just the beginning of my journey of learning the history of my people, as there is still so much out there to be brought to the surface. Prior to taking this course, I was always ignorant on the topic of African American history and simply made the connection to slavery. Additionally, I was unaware of other black activist, movements, and struggles

  • Essay Interpretations of American History

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    Interpretations of American History The world is full of rich culture, diversity and experiences unique to each individual. When determining the validity of historic accounts we must factor in that particular historian’s point of view, which should be characterized by ethnicity, idealogy, theoretical or methodological preference. With these factors views of the past often vary from person to person. In this essay I will be discussing the four different stages that shaped the writing of American history over the

  • A Study Of Latin American History

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    IV. Methodologies and trends Caribbean Many often consider the study of Latin American history or subjects like race to show that Much of Latin American historical studies are comparative. Many of the Latin American countries have their own history but share similar cultural conductions concerning race. The history of race relations in Latin America has become a central theme in a fair amount of scholarly activities. This in turn has made the historiography of Latin America to become much more relevant

  • Chinese History And American History

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    been studying Chinese history for a long time, but the interesting phenomenon is in 5000-year history of China, there is only one formal empress called Wu Zetian, and the amounts of emperors are four hundred and eight. The percentage of women to be a leader of China is 0.25%. Nowadays, Hilary Clinton has been reported by all the newspaper and TV shows, because she is the only woman who has possibility to be the first female president. Comparing Chinese history and American history, it is rare to see

  • Essay on Racism in American History X

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    American History X is clearly a film dealing with racism. The interesting thing about this film is the way in which the subject is treated. First of all, it is obvious that, though racism is always a difficult subject to deal with, American History X presents it without any reservations or dumming down. Second, the film's figurehead for racism, Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton), is not an unintelligent redneck racist as films often portray them, but is in fact well-spoken, charismatic and intelligent

  • American History X: Analysis of Lighting and Color

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    American History X "American History X" is divided into two color schemes, black and white, and color, these schemes symbolize the before and after of Derek Vinyard's life. The film is about the life of an "idol" skinhead and D.O.C. member Derek Vinyard, and how his life of hate and racism has affected his family and himself. Throughout the movie the importance of color and lighting is obvious, because it divides the movie into two fused worlds of Derek. Some of the movie is shot in black and white

  • Comparison Of Racism In American History X And Romper Stero

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    American History X, directed by Tony Kaye, and Romper Stomper, directed by Geoffrey Wright, share similar themes, of racism/ extremism, violence and the influence of idols/ gangs on the impressionable. In both films, the outsiders (Mexicans and Asian immigrants) are terrorised and beaten by Neo-Nazi Skinhead gangs in America (Los Angeles) and Australia (Melbourne). Both texts are also set in a similar timeframe, this being the 80’s/ 90’s, reflecting the social issues of the era. Racism and extremism

  • African Americans And African American History

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    As African Americans we need to know the history of our ancestors in order to make the next generation better. African Americans need to know the struggles and hardships that our ancestors had to go through that pave the way for my generation and the generations after me. It is important to know how our ancestors had to endure slavery. If the older generation does not continue to pay homage to the history of our ancestors, the younger generation will lose sight of what our ancestors have been through

  • The American Of American History

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    Spain; and before there was Boston, Mass., there was Santa Fe, N.M. The teaching of American history generally highlights the establishment and development of the British colonies in North America, their appearance as an independent nation in 1776, and the change of the United States from east to west. This action easily overlooks the fact that there was important colonization by Spain of what is now the American Southwest from the 16th century on. It also tends to disregard, until the Mexican War

  • Monism, Dualism, and Pluralism in American History Essay

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    seems readily apparent that monism is without a doubt the very worst way to approach history, Societies and cultures are not one dimensional, but rather are made up of a tapestry of factors. Thus looking at just one aspect gives the historian only a myopic sense of what was going on or what people were thinking at a particular time or place in history. While this is typically thought of as being the consensus history of the great white men, however other schools of historical thought can also be viewed