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    Introduction to Counseling Written Assignment # 1 I. What is professional counseling? Discuss the most recent trends in counseling. Professional counseling is a service provided voluntary and confidential with the focus on the developmental, situational problems of individuals of all ages and culture. Professional counselors help individuals to make decisions and resolve conflicts. Counselors provide service on different settings like the workplace, schools, colleges and other places

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    essential elements of a solution-based, short-term pastoral counseling strategy such as its goal-orientation; brief (i.e., number of sessions) and time-limited (i.e., length of each session) nature; basic tenets and guiding assumptions (briefly explain each tenet and assumption), essential interpersonal skills, and possible behavioral positions (i.e., attending, blaming, willing). The goal-orientation for the short-term pastoral counseling should be to get the counselee to focus on their own goals

  • Interview Questions On Counseling And Counseling

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    I was able to interview four people about their perceptions and beliefs about counseling. I noted differences and similarities among their responses which bring about a clearer perspective on the reality of counseling as a profession. The family and friends I choose to interview about their perspective on counseling included my mom Cathy, my brother Ben and my friend Mackenzie. I interviewed a counselor named Chris who is a youth leader at my church. Chris works at Penn State Hershey Medical Center

  • Prayer in Counseling

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    Christian Clients’ Preferences Regarding Prayer as a Counseling Intervention Journal Article Review Liberty University April 19, 2012 Summary In Eriksen and Weld’s journal article, the writers contend that spirituality and prayer is being utilized more and more by mental health practitioners and counselors. The concept of prayer within the counseling session is something that was considered for a long time but the actual use of spirituality practices is more frequently being used today

  • Effective Counseling

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    Counselor By {Author} {Institution} Abstract This research paper discusses the qualities that are necessary for an effective counseling and as such any counselor considered effective must posses them. The paper has a separate discussion of both personal and professional qualities required for any good counselor. The personal qualities form a larger part of the discussion because

  • Career Counseling And Development Counseling

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    guidance to figure out certain aspects of life. This is where career counseling comes to be of great help. Professionals aid in helping others make informed decisions about their careers by counseling individuals in aspects of self-awareness and development. They also offer services by educating their clients in career choices and the changes they may endure over time. Many theories have been developed in the field of career counseling and development, and today we will be briefly discussing those theories

  • Personal Counseling Characteristics

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    My Personal Counseling Characteristics Capuzzi, Stauffer, and Gross (2016) highlighted the existence of “core conditions” identified throughout the counseling literature and research as an essential piece of the therapeutic relationship (p. 8). Possessing and demonstrating these characteristics and behaviors strengthen the helping alliance and aid in effectiveness as a counselor when guiding the client to achieve optimal wellness (Capuzzi et al., 2016). The following narrative outlines characteristics

  • Group Counseling Reflection

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    I learned two significant things about group counseling in this course. The first thing that I learned is the importance of setting up a treatment plan. The intention is to follow the client from their entrance into the program until the client is discharged. In this process the clients’ problems are identified through various assessments and as each problem is addressed, it is checked off of the list. Once all of the problems are checked off of the list, the client is considered as having completed

  • Example Of Multiculturalism In Counseling

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    Multiculturalism The counseling profession it’s self has progressed tremendously over the last century, with the creation of ethical standards and concerns for multiculturalism. Before 1962, multiculturalism was not identified as a concern; professional counselors could provide or deny services due to any diversity. Counselors were stuck in stereotypical thinking and didn’t take concern for other’s personal identifications. Wren was the first of many to bring the topic of multiculturalism to the

  • Characteristics Of Effective Counseling

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    Characteristics and Behaviors of Effective Counseling Effective and competent clinical mental health counselors employ a variety of behaviors and characteristics in the helping relationship. These specific behaviors and characteristics serve to develop and sustain a therapeutic environment with the client in which counselors can assist clients with achieving optimal wellness. While effective counselor behaviors and characteristics aide in fostering a therapeutic relationship and environment, ineffective