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  • The Teaching Of Language Teaching

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    language learner as they need to communicate with others. There is no doubt that different people learn languages in different ways and thus, there are various methods and approaches in the field of language teaching and learning to meet learners’ and teachers’ needs. The humanistic language teaching, which was really popular in the 1970s, is not easy to be defined. It is difficult to explain the terms like humanistic and humanism. As Underhill (1983, p.131) said, ‘it is so emotionally loaded and so lacking

  • Teaching Methods And Styles Of Teaching

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    Every boss or teacher has his or her own teaching or leadership styles. There are various factors that determine one’s teaching method including the school mission, students’ likes and dislikes, number of students in a class, teacher’s educational philosophy, subjects they teach, and the purpose of instructions intended to be given to students (John 24). So, every teacher should choose a favorable method to teach students. This paper wishes to compare and contrast the styles of two of my teachers

  • Difference Between Teaching And Teaching Styles

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    has a different teaching method, some people may think that the teaching methods are the same, but it is slightly different. This difference may be due to the different subjects that the teachers are teaching or just the difference in personalities and teaching styles that each teacher has. These differences greatly affect students’ performances in numerous of ways that one could not possibly think of. I had observed in several of my classes to compare and contrast different teaching styles from my

  • Teaching Methods And Strategies For Teaching Styles

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    a debate on what kind of teaching styles work best, what the best curriculum to teach is, or how to effectively organize your classroom. Yet, nobody has discovered what the most effective teaching methods are. As future teachers, we must constantly be making decisions that will shape us into the teacher we would like to become. Over the course of the next four years, and even once we become teachers with classrooms of our own, we will be exposed to many different teaching methods and strategies. There

  • Teaching Principles Of The Game Teaching Essay

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    3. Teaching principles in the use of the game teaching If teachers want to play a better role of game teaching, they must focus more on the following points. First, game contents and methods require national design. Based on game teaching, teachers will reasonably and flexibly arrange teaching activities, avoiding excessive interference on students. Through a series of activities, students’ attentions are kept so that the whole learning goes toward the direction of teaching principles. Second, game

  • Graduation Speech On Teaching And Learning And Interactive Teaching

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    enrolled in the Certificate in the University Teaching (CUT) program in spring 2014 right after completing the FUT program in winter 2014. Through the GS901 workshops, I learned about students’ traits and attitudes toward learning and interactive teaching through active learning. With regards to course design, I learned the importance of having an organized, yet flexible, course plan that is designed in equilibrium with course objectives and assessments. Teaching observation practicum, provided me with

  • One Model Of Co Teaching Is Station Teaching

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    One model of co-teaching is station teaching. This is done when both teachers have shared responsibility for a lesson and are giving the less at the same time typically in the same classroom. Students are asked to move around the room in groups to each station after a set period of time so that they may receive all of the lessons presented at each station. One major advantage of this particular co-teaching method is that it involves both teachers so that responsibility for lesson planning and

  • My Teaching Philosophy Of Teaching For Physical Education

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    has been three major ideas that have begun to influence my teaching philosophy; Teaching for physical literacy and skill development not just sports, embracing physical activity as a lifelong journey and challenging all students inside and outside of the classroom. These three concepts are very important to me as I begin my teaching career and are the three highlights in which I took out of EPE 100. It took me a very poor micro teaching experience to finally understand that physical education is

  • Traditional Teaching Method Versus New Teaching Method

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    generations which are considered the drive to innovation, social and economical growth (Damodharan & Rengarajan 07). As mentioned by Damodharan and Rengarajan, the measure of efficiency in teaching narrows down to the methodology used in the teaching system. Frankly speaking, if we consider the available methods for teaching, the debate will definitely occur between the traditional teacher-centered systems versus more contemporary student – centered approach. Being told what to do to get an A is not simply

  • Reflection On Effective Teaching

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    Introduction In this analysis, my objective is to reflect on effective teaching and learning strategies and methods, using my personal experience in the classroom, as well as wider reading/research and university lectures, including my contextual analysis on my placement school (see appendix one). However, since there are so many dynamics to effective teaching and learning, one cannot put a finger on a single aspect and use that as a solution. With this in mind, I have chosen to look at two foci