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  • A Speech : The Power Of A Speech

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    face by having to give a speech as well as the stress on what to give a speech over to keep your audience attentive. We connect with each other through the words we speak whether it is in a large group or one on one in a working interview. A teacher has to learn how to communicate in many different ways to help every student learn in their own unique way. I always found it hard to pick a topic that I want to discuss or write about. In my opinion, it is easier to give a speech that you are well familiar

  • Reflection Of A Speech At The Middles Of Speech

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    When I was waiting to perform at my first speech competition I realized that I couldn’t breath. It was as if all the air in the room had been sucked out. I felt like I had entered an empty, soundless vacuum, almost as if I had been sucked into space. I half expected myself to become weightless and float around the room, but this didn’t happen. Instead of this, I stood frozen in the middle of a classroom in front of a dozen other people. I was the center of attention, and I hated every second of it

  • Speech : A Reflection Of An Informative Speech

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    Informative Speech Reflection Paper After giving and analyzing my informative speech I learned many new things that will help me in my future speeches. Looking at the aspects of content, delivery, and organization I have learned by gibing this speech and being in this class how to better come across to my audience to make my topic as clear and as informative as I can. This assignment has helped me gain a better understanding of my topic, but also has helped me gain further knowledge on writing

  • A Reflection Of Speech

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    have finished their speeches, I have considered the feedback given about my speech and compared it to other speakers in the class. I reviewed in my head what I did wrong and went back in my mind to remember those speakers who I believed did better than me in the categories I scored low in. We learn from each other’s strengths as well as our mistakes. Accordingly, chapter ten focuses on the beginning and ending a speech. An effective introduction gets the speaker off on the right foot. The “right

  • Speech Reflection

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    I have never really been a fan of giving a speech or presentation in front of people. But I think I got a little more comfortable talking in front of people as the semester went on. During this semester I see that some people talk really quiet, or fidget with their hands or clothes. When we first started giving speeches I talked a little fast so I did not reach the time limit that I needed to. My major right now is criminal justice, but I have not fully decided on that yet. I took this class mostly

  • Speech Reflection

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    that no one else wants to get up there anymore than I do. The first speech I gave was over the benefits of yoga. I was very nervous, but I was also very well prepared. I think being so well prepared is why I did so good on my first speech. In this class I learned how to prepare myself for upcoming speeches. When I would read the chapters in the book, I saw the tactics that were recommended to use when preparing for a speech and used them. I also learned a lot of terminology of things when reading

  • Speech Reflection

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    many things about this that speech that I think I improved on since the first speech. On the other hand, we were only halfway through the semester when I presented this speech so there are still many things I hope to improve on. Reflecting on these two facets will hopefully contribute to the advancement of my public speaking skills. There were many aspects of my speech I feel I have improved on or just did well on overall. For one, my eye contact. In my first speech my eye contact was ok consistency-wise

  • Reflection Speech

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    enroll for this online Speech class, I did not know what to expect. I thought that we would only meet in order to present the required speeches and then I thought that we would have a virtual classroom to give speeches were we were all online at once. Now I know that both of my guesses were wrong. For our speeches, we either record them online and invite classmates as audience members to watch, or have a live audience of family and/or friends that record you giving your speech in your living room or

  • Speech Reflection

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    that make up a speech are organization, verbal delivery, nonverbal delivery, and speaking confidence. First of all, organization is very important when it comes to presenting a speech. Some elements that a speaker should take into consideration are organizing a time and place to present your speech, getting an audience together, having their notecard set up and ready for when they need to look at it, and much more. If a person is not organized then there is a high chance that their speech might not go

  • Speech Commencement Speech Analysis

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    about her personal experiences. She is a direct source speaking about 1st hand knowledge. Message – Live life with integrity. Follow your passion and stay true to yourself. Channel – The channel that I viewed this speech in was an online video. The original audience was viewing the speech live. Listener – The initial intended listeners were the students of the Tulane University Class of 2009. Chapter Five – Selecting a?Topic?and a Purpose Specific Purpose – Ellen wished to congratulate the class