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  • The Color Purple ( Purple )

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    In this essay, I will be comparing The Color Purple (Purple), The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (Indian), and Just Mercy (Mercy). I am analyzing these three books because there is a theme of brokenness. In each book, their brokenness is apart of the characters rising above the stereotypes they were set to be. Through each hardship in each book, each character finds their strength to fight back against their brokenness through support of others, their selves, and the stories of others

  • Ethos In The Color Purple

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    The Color Purple is an honest emotional story about love, trust, respect, separation, friendships, and the bond between sisters. It was published back in 1982 by Alice Walker. Walker is a huge activist, and even participated in the 1960’s Civil Rights Movements in Mississippi. Throughout her novel she uses excellent rhetoric to convey her strong emotions. The Color Purple uses ethos to show you how horrible abuse is, logos to help give the characters confidence, and pathos to convey the pain. Throughout

  • Essay The Color Purple

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    The Color Purple by Alice Walker is a very controversial novel, which many people found to be very offensive. It is basically the struggle for one woman’s independence. The main character in The Color Purple is Celie a coloured woman with little or no education at all. She is one who has been used and abused by all the men in her life, and because of these men, she has very little courage or ambition in her life. She has so little courage, that all she wants to do is just survive. Through the various

  • Symbolism In The Color Purple

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    To most, the color purple holds insignificant meaning. It is a simple intermediate color lying between red and blue, with very little significance other than to be someone’s favorite color. In all reality, the color holds so much more meaning. In the novel, “The Color Purple,” the color is used as an allusion to biblical reference. Aside from the color itself, other references were made through direct conversation with God and the main characters struggle to maintain belief in a higher being despite

  • Analysis Of The Color Purple

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    The Color Purple. The film is based a novel by Alice Walker, the novel was also titled The Color Purple. It was directed by one of the most popular directors and producers in the film industry, Steven Spielberg. The film made over 91 million dollars in the box office after 20weeks, and overall 98 million dollars since it was released. It starred several amazing actors such as: Whoopi Goldberg (Celie), Danny Glover (Albert), Oprah Winfrey (Sofia), and Margaret Avery (Shug Avery). The Color Purple

  • The Color Purple Analysis

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    “God Is Trying To Tell You Something” Color Purple In a dynamic scene near the end of the blockbuster The Color Purple, the character Shug Avery engages in a soul-stirring rendition of a gospel song called God Is Trying To Tell You Something. Shug Avery in The Color Purple could be described as a prodigal daughter Shug is portrayed as a woman of the world who loved to party, loved to dress, and loved to sports men. In the church scene near the end of the film, we see Shug performing in a "Juke Joint"

  • The Color Purple Analysis

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    the novel, Mel Watkins, a book editor and writer, also criticizes the choices of Alice Walker and other writers similar to her in his 1986 article “Sex, Racism, and Black Women Writers”. Because Watkins wrote the article a mere four years after The Color Purple’s release, Watkins’ belief that “black women writers who have chosen black men as a target have set themselves outside a tradition that is nearly as old as black American literature itself” is a direct window into the mindset of the people reading

  • Analysis Of The Color Purple

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    The Past Helps Shape a Better Future According to the Ark of Hope for Children, 1,850 children die a year by some form of child abuse. Assault must be noticed, especially because it affects so many people worldwide. The Color Purple by Alice Walker focuses extensively on this idea and the ramifications of rape. In the novel, the main protagonist Celie is compelled to live with a man named Mr. _____, whose last name is unidentified in the book, who constantly makes her work in the fields and clean

  • Essay on Color Purple

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    third novel, The Color Purple. These aspects had a lasting impression upon ideals and beliefs of the time period. Her writing’s helped to break the racial tension and barrier that was present in some people’s minds. One of the ways that the barrier was eliminated was through her depiction of an imperfect black person. If a white person were to write about an imperfect black person it would be considered racist. “ I think the most chilling thing to me about the response to The Color Purple was that people

  • The Color Purple Analysis

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    controversy goes way back to the early twentieth century and in The Color Purple by Alice Walker, we clearly see how women are not given the respect or dignity they deserve. Although people seem to not recognize it as a problem, this issue must be addressed. In The Color Purple one definitely sees how Celie represents a repressed woman and how she learns to fight back over time to overcome her struggles in life. In The Color Purple, Celie a young black girl who lived in Georgia was very bright and